About Boundary’s Work

We have trouble describing what we do (especially to our parents), but if we had to distill down to one sentence: We use design and technology to help our clients accomplish their goals. This usually means branding, websites, and mobile apps.

Point card 4 cards

Point is bringing rewards and benefits to the debit card. Say goodbye to credit card debt and interest payments.

Front of Nomad hotel building
The NoMad

Connecting art and functionality to build a new digital home for the genre defining boutique hotel.

Red Bull iPhone mockup
Red Bull

We work extensively with Red Bull North America’s tech team on apps to make their business run smoothly.


The MUD\WTR team wasn’t mad at coffee, just disappointed. Get natural energy drinking this coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients.

Honeybee Health

This Culver City based online pharmacy is changing the game for providing prescriptions and they needed an identity to match.


GEM is designed under the simple philosophy that food is medicine. By nourishing with sustainable plant-based ingredients, health is transformed.

Crumbs iPhone mockup

Passively Invest In Crytpo currency using spare change from daily purchases. Select your risk profile and monitor the growth.

Ozar Wellness Sign
Ozar Wellness House

A private healthspace in Century City focused on chiropractic and physical therapy.

Man holding hands

We helped Swoop go from an idea to a funded, grown-up group transportation company.


A gaming lifestyle company built for women, by women. Queens mission is to level the playing field in gaming.

Karten Design product
Karten Design

Esteemed medical device design agency, Karten Design asked us to design and develop their new website.

Artwalk work
El Segundo Art Walk

Boundary creation

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We work with the city of El Segundo every summer to create a free walking tour of local businesses and artists.

Coastal Cartage blue background orange dots
Coastal Cartage

The shipping and cartage space didn’t have a lot of innovation in branding — who would’ve thought? We created a brand to capture the vision.

Indela front of the buildingIndela logo

We created a platform to help realtors and clients have better experiences during the real estate transaction process.

Boundary creation

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