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Pricing for prescription drugs through insurance doesn't have a lot of transparency. Honeybee Health is an online pharmacy that revolutionized this by removing insurance and simply adding an ethical markup. We worked with the founders to help them tell the truth.


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“Boundary Digital is one of the most professional and trustworthy companies I’ve dealt with as a founder. They go above and beyond in understanding your story and needs. From branding and design to development, Boundary was able to deliver every time. You won’t find a more honest and transparent team out there. Highly recommend.”

Jessica Nouhavandi

Co-CEO / Co-founder

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Testimonial from HoneybeeTestimonial from HoneybeeTestimonial from Honeybee
Honeybee testimonials
Testimonial from Honeybee
Honeybee testimonials

Optimized Checkout

Honeybee saw conversion go up by over 30% when the updated checkout flow was implemented.

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We helped clarify how Honeybee’s pricing different with these illustrations.

Honeybee icon $56
Money split up into three sections
Honeybee IllustrationColorful money split up into three sections
Honeybee Illustration
Honeybee icon $14
Money split up into three sections
Honeybee logoMoney split up into three sections
Savings visual breakdown
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