Red Bull

Red Bull has internal applications to manage nearly every process, from checking out a case of Red Bull to reserving a room at one of their Campuses. We’ve worked with them over the past 4 years to create user interfaces of all these different platforms.


Product Strategy
Web Development



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Red Bull iOS App
Red Bull Blue Map

“We’ve been working with Boundary for over 4 years on various digital products, from creative ideation and designs to front-end software web development. Be open to their creative process - George and team are very good at this type of facilitation if you give them the creative space. They’re a pleasure to work with.”


Director of Project Delivery, Red Bull North America


The project that started it all. We worked with the IT team on this internal event management tool. The UI was inspired by retro airline tickets and the biggest challenge we faced for a complex chat system that included 1 to 1, group and team conversations.

Red Bull iPhone mokcup
Sports Calendar

Red Bull's National Sports Marketing Calendar gives a heads-up view of all the different events happening across North America.

Red Bull calendar

This mobile application allows RB employees to book spur-of-the-moment meetings, check a feed of company updates and track rewards points for Camp Stewart. It’s now evolved into a system to order meals and earn points for a free lattes.

Red Bull Co-pilot iOS appRed Bull Co-pilot iOS appRed Bull Co-pilot iOS appRed Bull Co-pilot iOS app
Red Bull Co-pilot iOS app
Red Bull Co-pilot iOS app
Red Bull Co-pilot iOS app
Red Bull Co-pilot iOS app

We’ve created an array of logos for the various Marketing and IT projects we’ve designed.

Holding paper iconRed Bull Now logoRed Bull blue logoRed Bull iconsRed Bull emp logoRed Bull Wing logoRed Bull R logoTicket iconLocation iconRed Bull Go logo
Free Goods Tracker

FGT is an inventory management tool RB uses to track who’s taking product from the warehouse and which clients need to be refilled. Similar to other RB projects, we helped automate a very manual process.

Red Bull FGT web app