Here are some stories about us…
but mostly just about our friends

Honeybee founder hits us with some Truth Juice

The Honeybee Health Co-founder, Doctor Jess, heads to the capital to let people know what really going on with prescription drugs.

MUD/WTR starts a Podcast

Check out the new MUDWTR Podcast Trends With Benefits for some interesting tidbits on nutrition and psychodelics.

Swoop Raises another round

Another Boundary collaboration, swoop has officially raised another round of 4 million to expand the product. Read more about it here.

Indela launches!

Our client and partner, Indela has finally launched. A platform built to help realtors focus on clients and less on their commisions, Boundary had the opptunity to take an ownership stake and collaborate with the Indela crew.

ESAW - 5 years later

It’s wild to think the El Segundo Art Walk is 5 years old. It’s a lot of work, but it’s George’s love letter to the city he grew up in.

MOFAs holding strong

The Mother F*cker Awards are back in force, leading the charge on corporate accountability. Founders Kyle Thierman and Chris Ryan, Boundary solutes you for carrying the torch. Learn more about it here.  

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