A branding agency for the digital age

Branding is the heart and soul of your business. It’s more than a logo and a visual style guide. It’s your personality. It’s how you make your customers and partners feel. From early-stage startups preparing for launch to established businesses in need of a brand update or refresh, Boundary builds distinguished, memorable brand identities for companies of all sizes.

We love working at the intersection of creativity and commerce, helping businesses design strong, memorable brands that clearly differentiate themselves in the market and build emotional bonds with customers.

Why is branding important?

Investing in good brand design can increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, and perceived value. Studies have shown that consistent branding across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Boundary’s branding strategy

While every client’s needs are unique, our approach to any branding project starts the same - ask lots of questions to unearth the soul of the business.
Our hidden edge is the ability to listen, digest and synthesize business objectives to inform our brand strategy. Armed with insight, we will help your soul shine.

Our standard branding process

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"Boundary goes above and beyond in understanding your story and needs. From branding and design to development, they were able to deliver every time. You won’t find a more honest and transparent team out there."

Jessica Nouhavandi
Founder & CEO, MUD\WTR

“Initially, we were impressed with their portfolio. Over time, I discovered that their real hidden edge is their ability to listen, digest and synthesize business objectives, and then allow that to inform their design and copy.”

Rob Curtis
Chief Product Officer, Catch Health

“We loved their process for brand strategy. They picked apart the industry and identified a way for us to clearly stand out. They followed our direction at every step but always knew when to take the lead.”

Alex Abad
Co-Founder & Chief Pilot, FlyHouse

How Boundary stands out as a brand studio

Good brand designers asks thoughtful questions. They’re more interested in learning about you than talking about themselves. They listen — like seriously listen. To you, to your customers, to the market. Without wisdom, there should be no branding.
Some brand studios have a distinct style. If you know you want your brand to look like everything else they do, consider hiring them. But if you need a team to extract a vision from your head or tell a story that is uniquely your own, you’ll want to hire a branding agency with well-rounded experience. That’s Boundary.
We’re small and nimble but produce work at the level of a global agency. Just without the unnecessary middle managers. We’re collaborative and high-touch. We work fast and show work often. And we’re comfortable communicating with C-level executives or first-time founders. There’s no branding project we can’t conquer.