Point is a mobile banking app that includes a beautiful debit card with amazing rewards. Banking has long been antiquated with bad customer service and dated technology. So the Point team went back to the basics, creating a better digital experience that is rewarding, safe, and transparent.





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Since the earliest days of Point, Boundary has been among our most trusted companions. Their blend of skill, passion and dedication has been an ideal match for our vision. Our challenge when collaborating with an agency is always finding a team that can deliver on our uncompromising standards, and Boundary comes through, every single time.

Sid Parihar


Point logo
Point logo
Webflow flexin’
Webflow logo

We’re on the Webflow train. It loads fast and custom code can be added wherever it’s needed. With all of the movement and animation taking place on the Point site, Webflow was the logical choice as it allowed our designers to be more involved with the development process.

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Focused on mobile

We didn’t just want the site to be mobile responsive, it needed to be mobile first (there’s a difference). We started by considering the users’  experience on a phone, where they would most likely meet the Point brand. Then we got desktop sorted.

Person holding yellow Point card on iPhone
Person holding a yellow Point card
Person holding a yellow Point card and iPhone

The Point team crafted a spending experience that is aligned with their users’ best interest, offering cash back on products they actually use like Netflix and Spotify.

iPhone mockup with Point website
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Wave of
the future.
4 hands holding the Point cardYellow Point card
Yellow Point card website mockupOrange Point card website mockupPink Point card website mockup
Orange Point card website mockupPink Point card website mockupOrange Point card website mockupYellow Point card website mockup

The site was featured on Site Inspire and other web award sites.

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