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Our approach to healthcare and medical website design is part science and part intuition. From patient and provider applications to embedded medical interfaces, we use design and technology to craft intuitive digital experiences that improve admin workflows and patient outcomes.

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We love working at the intersection of innovation and healthcare, helping create intuitive digital experiences for patients and medical practitioners.

Why good digital design matters in healthcare

In an industry where every second counts, intuitive user interfaces are pivotal. They not only save healthcare providers precious time, but they can also improve patient outcomes or even save lives. Navigating the intersection of healthcare and technology, we design innovative interfaces for medical devices and web applications that prioritize security and ease of use.

Our healthcare app and website design strategy

In a single sentence, our approach to design is simple: start with why. We could care less about winning an award if our work doesn’t serve a purpose or solve a challenge for our partners. As one client recently mentioned, Boundary’s “hidden edge is their ability to listen, digest and synthesize business objectives, and then allow that to inform their design.”

Our standard process for digital healthcare design

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“Boundary is a joy to work with! They took the time to listen and deeply understand our industry and product offering in order to polish and shape our branding and messaging. I couldn't recommend them enough!”

Rob Curtis
co-founder & chief product officer

“For an early-stage company – everything matters. Having the Boundary team on board has been invaluable. They've become true partners, fully committed to helping realize our vision and objectives”.

Scott Kaiser

“The Boundary team really understood our business objectives and brought their creativity to the project helping us create a great effective and beautiful new website.”

Stuart Karten

How Boundary stands out as a web design agency


Good designers ask thoughtful questions. They’re more interested in learning about you than talking about themselves. They listen — like seriously listen. To you, to your customers, to the market. Without wisdom, there should be no design.


Some designers have a distinct style. If you know you want your website to emulate it, consider hiring them. But if you need a team to extract a vision from your head or tell a story that is uniquely your own, you’ll want to hire a design agency with well-rounded experience.

Technical chops

There are some amazing spec designs on Dribbble and other portfolio sites. But many of them could never be built because of technical limitations. If you want your website to perform, let alone function, make sure you hire a web design agency that understands how pixels get converted into code. Better yet, hire an agency that can create both.

Boundary HQ
Established in 2017, Boundary is headquartered just a few blocks away from the beach in the heart of El Segundo, CA. We take our work seriously, but not much else.

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